Red Car: Sunday Dinner Guest Post with PB&J

This week, I’d like to welcome Jenny Young of the blog “Coffee in the Rain” as our inaugural Sunday Dinner Guest. In today’s post, she shares the unique way in which God challenged her heart as she briefly lost possession of her husband’s company car. Read more about it in…

Red Car

At last I’ve got my car back. That is to say, it’s not quite my car. Well, to be quite honest, it’s not my car.

I did not pay for it, it is not registered in my name and I didn’t earn it.

The red Polo was my husband’s company car. I got to drive it. So I got to regard it as my own. At the beginning of the month my husband retired. Since the car was not ours, we had to give it back until the pension money came through and we could buy it from the company.

Balaji Photography - 2,900,000 Views and Growing via Compfight cc
Balaji Photography – 2,900,000 Views and Growing via Compfight cc

I was so annoyed with them. How could they be so mean! Did they realize how much inconvenience I was going through because they insisted that the car sat in their garage and nobody drove it?

Of course, it is still not my car. The money has come through and Brian has paid for it and at last I am allowed to drive it again. But it will not be registered in my name. It will never be mine.

How many things that are not ours do we regard as ours?

I talk about “my life.” It is not really mine. I did not make it, buy it or earn it although it may be registered in my name. It is a gift of God. My husband and my children are also gifts. So are all my talents and accomplishments. My blog and my books only exist because God has gifted me with certain talents and opportunities.   God can take them back at any time and no doubt I will then also accuse Him of being mean.

I think this was the mistake of the tenants in this parable. (Mathew 21:33-47)

LAmeetsDC via Compfight cc
LAmeetsDC via Compfight cc

The tenants regarded the vineyard as theirs and thought they could do what they liked with it and reap all the profits. When the owner sent servants to collect some of its fruits, they rebelled violently. They went to great lengths to hold on to what was never really theirs, greedily depriving the owner of what was due to him. They did not even respect the Son, but did away with him so they could get on with their own selfish lives.

I find the things that I hold most tightly, that actually belong to God are my time and my money.

After all, I asked Jesus to come into my life a number of years ago so He has control of my time. How is it then that, when I have scheduled time for a certain task and somebody interrupts me with their needs, I am resentful? I usually put aside what I am doing and give them my time, but with a very bad attitude, as if they were stealing time from me. When God looks for fruit, it is quite often good works and, let’s face it, that always requires time.

wwarby via Compfight cc
wwarby via Compfight cc

The other thing I cling to as mine is my money. I feel I have a right to it since I have earned it. Although I do give my tithe to the Lord, it is a stop order and I regard it as one of my fixed payments. However, where other giving is concerned, my attitude is usually something like, “If I give x amount, then I can’t get myself ……” Shame on me! It is the Lord’s money. He can do what He likes with it.

Tax Credits via Compfight cc
Tax Credits via Compfight cc

Perhaps you have different challenges. Perhaps you regard your achievements as yours and don’t give God the glory. Perhaps you are always looking for acknowledgement or thanks for the work you do in the church and get very upset and threaten to resign when your ministry is not appreciated. Perhaps you are using all the material blessings God has given you only for yourself and not to bless others.

I think we all have a little tenant in us.


“Lord, please forgive me for regarding as mine what is rightfully yours and please help me to give you your due.”

Thank you, Jenny, for sharing your story with us! For more from Jenny, visit her blog, Coffee in the Rain.

If you would like to be a guest here at Give Us This Day Our PB&J, visit the guidelines page for details.

God bless you and your start to this new week!

Audrey Cunningham

One last thing…

I’ve decided that Jenny’s article will be the springboard for our discussion in the Peanut Butter Bible Study on Sunday, Sept 6th. It’s an interactive study group conducted via email.  If you or a friend would like to participate, visit the MailChimp sign up page. And don’t worry, there’s no spam! This community brings you nourishing “soul food” only. If you have any trouble, email me at

If you’d like more information about the Peanut Butter Community Experience, click here.

I hope I have the opportunity to get to know you better and talk about Jenny’s challenge to us in greater detail.

As always, thanks for reading and God bless you.


23 thoughts on “Red Car: Sunday Dinner Guest Post with PB&J

      1. You mean you lost a blog post that you were trying to put on your own blog? Computers are so glitching sometimes! Don’t know if this helps, but I type my articles into a word processor these days, and I only copy and paste the article into the WordPress page when I’m read to post. If the whole thing crashes, I still have my article saved on my computer. Hope that helps. I feel your pain! Audrey


      2. been reading about several people doing that and wondered why; maybe now I know; no, my computer didn’t crash, though I did just do an email to draft as I was writing because some kind of virus, I think, was trying to come through, only on my email though and actually only on one – no, this I just had to leave and when I came back – like I have before – it asked me if I wanted to restore it, say yes, but at least hadn’t yet – let me go try again


      3. Well that’s frustrating. Is there anyone you can contact for help? I’m not much a computer wiz myself, unfortunately. You’ve got me stumped. 😦 I hope it works out for you quickly, Donna. God bless you AND your computer!


      4. no, just that I thought the people who started it could possibly help, so I posted there about it but at least last time checked – been having to choose mine as well – nobody had responded – let me check real quick


      5. well, it’s not still doing it, not sure if that’s better or worse but at least I could find it in drafts – it’s not lost – not sure if could have before or not – not sure ready to post although to me, it’s cold now, was kind a follow on to the red car post you had – wish there was a way you could see it before I actually posted it but not now or tonight – headed to bed, see what tomorrow brings – thanks so

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      6. Well, I’m glad it’s not altogether lost. Thank God for that. I love love follow on posts and would love to read your thoughts. God bless you, Donna. I hope you have a good night. Sweet dreams. 🙂


    1. I know I do! Jenny really do such a nice job, so much so we’ll be using this article as a springboard for our email based Bible study this coming Sunday. If you’d be interested in join us, you can sign up on the MailChimp website at Don’t worry, there’s no spam! In any case, thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed visiting your. 🙂 God bless. Audrey


    1. Hi Jackie. It is the “all” that’s the tricky part, isn’t it? Hope you’ll join us for this week’s Peanut Butter Bible Study. We’ll be talking about this some more! You always have just nice insights. I’d love to talk more about this and study the Word with you. You can sign up at if you haven’t already. Either way, thanks for reading and sharing. Always great to hear from you. 🙂


  1. My 2 year old toddler just learned the word, and power behind it, “mine.” While it sounds cute because he pronounces it perfectly (still learning to talk) it’s heart wrenching. It’s made me think, “do we sound like this to God?” We are so possessive, but yes, it ALL belongs to God. He lends it to us for our opportunity to be stewards!
    Wonderful article. Looking forward to the Bible study!

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