Daily Slasher Time with God

Everyone loses it now and then.

That much is normal, right? Unfortunately, when I snapped, it took the form of a knife-wielding slasher attack… Yeah, I know. Not so normal.

I’m usually a non-violent person, but I was under a lot of pressure. Everything in my life seemed to be going wrong. Then, suddenly, I snapped. That’s when the knife came out.

Photo Credit: bionicteaching via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: bionicteaching via Compfight cc

In my defense, the victim had it coming. No, really. The the victim was literally asking for it! So, in that moment of insane fury, I grabbed my knife and deeply, maliciously, stabbed my victim multiple times. I mercilessly twisted the dull blade after embedding it to the hilt so as to do maximum damage. It was like a scene from Hitchcock’s “Psycho.”

Never mind that my stabbing victim was  just a large jug of water….

So why do battle with a water jug? It’s pretty simply, really. My mom was allergic to, well, everything, including many of the chemicals found in our city’s tap water. Rather than buying endless travel-sized bottles of water, I’d decided to purchase a specially designed refrigerator pack of spring water.

I thought the pack was the perfect solution to my dilemma of how to keep Mom hydrated on a budget. The jug was shaped like a cinderblock and held 2.5 gallons of water. The idea was to place this jug on a shelf in the refrigerator. I could then simply pull the spout open to allow the water to flow into a cup. No hassle. No Mess. I would be easy! Or at least that was how it was advertised…

final gather via Compfight cc
final gather via Compfight cc

The jug worked great at first, and I congratulated myself for having made such a wise purchase. But then, over time, the water started coming out more slowly. Periodically the flow would stop altogether as the jug gasped, sucking in air through the pour spout.

The water from the jug poured slower, and slower, and slower. I was always in a crazy hurry, and the maddening little trickle drove me insane. Then I saw it. Toward the top of the container was a little circle with a sign urging me to “vent here.”

The jug needed an air intake hole! I’d just been too busy to see it. What had I done instead? I’d resorted to squeezing the bottle to push out more water. Then, I squeezed it even harder. After a couple days of this treatment, the jug was an angular crushed mess. Still, it had another gallon or so left to go.

One morning at about 3:00 a.m., I needed some of that elusive water to give my mom her medication. I was tired and sore, yet suddenly only the tiniest trickle of water would come out. It didn’t matter how hard I squeezed or pushed or crushed. Nothing else was coming out of that jug.

Then I lost it. Suddenly, I was yelling, “Vent here? You want me to vent here?! I’ll show you VENT HERE!!” Yeah, that’s when the knife came out.

Looking back on it, I realize now that I was a lot like that jug.

I’d been pushing myself. I’d squeezed every last once of care, love, and concern out of myself until I was a grumpy ball of agitation and raw nerves. I was gasping for air internally. I needed an intake vent.

Photo Credit: 3oheme via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: 3oheme via Compfight cc

We’re told to love one another, because love comes from God (1 John 4:7). But what I didn’t fully realize until that night was that we can’t continue to give love if we don’t take time to receive it.

I don’t know how many times I’ve been preached to about the importance of spending daily time with God. Spiritual leaders are always saying that prayer and reading scripture are important. Well, so are clean dishes, clothes that don’t smell like low tide, and food, not to mention doctors appointments, my mom’s medication, and the list goes on. Non-essentials, like the dust bunnies that keep multiplying like rabbits, get moved to the bottom of my to-do list. Sometimes I just don’t have time to worry about them.

I thought I didn’t have time to worry about spending time with God either. I was wrong.

I love my mom. I considered it a privilege to to be able to care for her in our home, but I couldn’t continue to love her and care for her if I didn’t make time to take in love.

My time with God is my “intake vent.” The time I spend praying and reading His Word is my time to take in the love and strength I need to continue giving it to others. As the old saying goes, “You can’t give what you ain’t got.”

My life is a crazy busy mess sometimes, but after that knife attack in the kitchen, I go on slasher rampages of a different kind. No matter how jammed my schedule may be, I make a hole large enough to spend time in God’s presence. I’ll look at my day and, if necessary, actually write in the schedule “vent here.” No matter how busy life may get, I need my “slasher time” with God.

Thanks for reading. This week, remember to do yourself a favor. Make a hole in your schedule to let some of God’s love into your life. You’ll be glad you did. God bless you.

Audrey Cunningham

How do you make time for God in your life? What do you do to spiritually revive? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments section below!

10 thoughts on “Daily Slasher Time with God

  1. Great post!!! You had me going there! I have a friend whose not into blogs or blogging….I’m going to encourage her to take time and follow your posts….I’m sure she could relate!

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    1. Oh, forgot to say how I vent and find time for the Lord! After a yo yo of a life with the Lord, finally at age 52, as I retired, I said NOW I have time! I had role models and decided to do what they do, read the Bible through every year – so it’s a discipline and I got hooked. Actually, I started the year before-my last year I had to live in a different city to finish my career. So I was alone Monday-Thursday nights. So I started then and got hooked! I start my day, before my feet hit the ground, reading my Bible (now actually use YouVersion app so as to not wake hubby as he usually sleeps a bit longer)….the first 2 years, I used the Life Application Bible and read every footnote, then just read cover to cover and wore it out! Then I discovered the Chronological version and love it. My brain likes order and it’s helped me really get the Old Testament. And I also do my praying then….and at least 5 days a week, hubby and I do a Bible study with our breakfast. We’ve pledged to be in church every Sunday (with an occasional miss here and there) when we remarried….I listen only to Christian Radio-when I’m alone. Hubby likes talk radio and a few oldie but goodie stations….but even with all this, I get to the end of my rope periodically and vent! But it’s less and less the older I get-and our daily Bible study is really helping!
      Finally, i love to read about others spiritual journeys and pray for ways to share the Lord when ever and wherever!
      Love your blog for that!

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      1. Thanks for sharing, Debbie! That’s so awesome that your husband will do Bible studies with you. What an amazing way to keep growing together as a couple. Sounds like you guys make a great team. I’ve also found that first thing in the morning works well as far as devo time goes. Life seems to pick up steam like a freight train some days. It just works better if I can squeeze it in before everything stars really moving. Oddly enough, late evening is another time that works for me. When everyone else is asleep, I can take some time for me and for God. I also find it very uplifting reading articles from other Christian bloggers. Your blog has been a blessing to me, and I’m glad I can return the favor. God bless you, Debbie! Audrey

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  2. Audrey, I am so glad I met you (virtually) and can read your blog. Ok, at first this post made me go “whoa…I did not think this lady would stab somebody” but then I read on and smiled. Taking time to yourself (to talk to God and read His word) seems counter-intuitive when there are so many other essential things to do. Lately, little kiddos in my room have been waking up earlier than usual- right when I am trying to pray and read the Bible! It forces me to be creative to either keep them entertained so I can read or find time later in the day or just pray out loud sometimes while playing with them or getting them ready. At first I was frustrated by this but a friend reminded me that 1) it is ok to not read as many chapters as I wanted to or take as long a time to pray. It is about a relationship with God, not keeping a schedule or checklist! And 2) life will not always be this way.
    So thank you for the funny story combined with truth. Hope your weekend goes well and that you can get some “slasher time” with God! (lol)


    1. Hi Rachel. I know exactly what you mean. Little kids are such a handful! When I started working with special needs kids after college, I was like, “Honestly, not even my time in the BATHROOM is sacred anymore?” I thought maybe it was because they were on the autism spectrum… but then my mom gave me a run down of all the times I came bursting on her while she was on the toilet. LOL I tip my cap to you. It’s a tough and demanding job, but the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these and it sounds like you’re doing an incredible job loving them up AND finding time for yourself and God too. And you’re writing an amazing blog on top of it all. Wow, you’re amazing! God bless you, Rachel!

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    1. Just thought I’d mess with you all a little bit this weekend to keep it interesting. 😉 Thanks for the tip, Donna. I’d wondered if those worked well and was thinking about one for our next fridge. I appreciate the recommendation!


  3. Humorous beginning, you completed got us all reading further! Love how you’re able to see a much bigger picture in your own life from a seemingly trivial problem with the water jug. 🙂 These realizations are so true, and I appreciate you sharing this one!

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    1. I really glad you liked it, Areany. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog as much as I’ve enjoyed reading yours! You had me thinking about Mumford for days! I think it’s contagious. 😉 God bless you and the start of your week.


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