Do You Ever Feel Like Cellophane?

The words from “Chicago: The Musical” really hit home. Invisible. Inconsequential. At the time, I really did feel like you could walk right by me without ever knowing I was there.

I think if we’re honest with ourselves, we all have “Mister Cellophane” moments, but sometimes those moments can last for days, even years. It gets hard to bear up under the strain. We all want to be noticed, to feel important. When life goes on and we feel invisible day after day, it takes a toll. It’s hard to keep going if we don’t feel we matter.

Well, here’s the truth. No matter how invisible you’re feeling, no matter how much you feel like cellophane, someone does see you.

If you only ever read one part of the Bible, then I’d recommend you turn to Psalm 139 (sites like make it easy to read online, by the way). It’s been said that the Bible is God’s love letter to each of us. I’d say that’s more true of some parts of the Bible than others (the genealogy at the beginning of Matthew is more sleep than swoon inducing for me personally), but Psalm 139 is the goods.

It’s hard to comprehend how much God loves us. After all, if anyone is a “Mister Cellophane,” it’s him, right? He may have come to Earth some two thousand years ago in the form of Jesus, but these day’s he’s looking rather transparent. But here’s the thing, God wanted us to see just how much he loves us. That’s why he gave David, the psalm writer, a vision of God’s love for us.

You want to know how much and how often God sees and thinks about you? Alls you have to do is take one look at a sandy shoreline. All those grains of sand… How many do you think there are? I can’t imagine, but if I take just one look at the sugar-like sparkling sand clinging to my toes as I walk beside the waves, I can guess that it’s a lot.

Sand on toes

However many grains of sand there are on the beaches of the world, that’s how much God thinks about you: “How precious are your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot be numbered! I can’t even count them; they outnumber the grains of sand!” Psalm 139:17-18 New Living Translation.

The next time you’re feeling like cellophane, just remember this: God sees you. You are his precious child, and you matter to him. Never forget that. His thoughts about you outnumber the sand.

If you’d like to learn more about how much God loves you, please visit the Find Your Sandwich page on my blog.

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