Oz Can’t Help You Fight Cancer

To My Friend Fighting Cancer

The Wizard of Oz is out of town.
It seems he’s traveled quite some distance,
But I asked my other friends in Oz,
If they’d be of some assistance.

I asked Lion to lend you courage,
Because you’re not feeling very brave.
Lion, well, he took one look at you,
But then he quickly ran away.

He’s totally intimidated.
He understands that you’re discouraged,
But he’s never seen a human being,
Who is so jam-packed with courage.

I asked the Tin Man to lend some heart,
Because I know your heart is breaking,
But your heart’s so big no more could fit,
Even though right now it’s aching.

I asked the Scarecrow to come and help,
Because your mind’s bending with the strain.
He said there’s just no room to improve.
You have the most amazing brain.

Finally, Dorothy, God bless her heart,
Offered to lend her ruby slippers.
Forgive me, friend, for turning her down.
I’m sorry, I’ll have to whisper.

It’s just my voice and heart are broken,
And I’m not ready to let you go.
I know the battle’s been long and hard,
When there’s pain, time just seems to slow.

It’s so tempting to look toward heaven.
I know you love Christ. This isn’t home.
Please know, even though the journey’s rough,
You won’t bear these burdens alone.

You’ve uniquely blessed every person,
Who has had the chance to share your road.
You’ve given so much love and kindness.
It’s time to reap what you have sowed.

Your friends are here. You can count on us.
Heaven will wait, so please stay right here.
We will never find another friend,
Who is so precious, kind, and dear.

If you have a friend who’s fighting cancer, please share this poem with them so they know they are not fighting the battle alone! Friendship is a powerful medicine.

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